You can't trust someone to capture your important moments in life if you don't know them. Let's fix that.
I was born and raised in Winnipeg and have I've been into cameras since I was a little kid trying to play with my dad's SLR. Fast forward to high school where I kindled my passion while shooting with film and spending time in the dark room. Going forward in my 20's I began shooting digital. While perfecting the art over the years I began this company.
Photography is definitely a passion that melds well with another one of my passions which is traveling with my wife Lauren.  
There isn't much I enjoy more that exploring new places and capturing the light of that location in new ways. I've been able to enjoy going across Canada, as well as Europe and Asia. If my experiences are to be trusted I am always looking forward to planing a new adventure.
I hope to meet you and help you capture your moments forever.
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